he way we used to work changed, and workspaces are being reinvented. For example, now that businesses reopen their offices, they take health measures seriously; these measures are structured and designed to protect their employees. And a  new business model based on the hybrid workspace between remote and on-premises work is becoming a new norm.

"The workplace is evolving. As business leaders prepare to return to the workplace, they have to adapt at a record pace. Rapid changes are forcing businesses toward a digital-first model. One that has security integrated into every solution, along with workplace monitoring capabilities. And one that can adapt to a safe remote and hybrid work environment that employees can thrive in." Based on this new model, many companies struggle to balance safety and productivity. The latest Cisco and Microsoft technology focuses on giving you intelligent ways to protect your employees while they work, and you can make sure they have a trustable workspace. Because "work itself is changing. The defining difference in the office of the future may be that in every meeting, every chat, every project, a portion of the team will be dialing in remotely."

We all know that the future of work is hybrid, so companies must start creating new strategies to redesign businesses' workspaces based on the hybrid model. Here are some items companies should take into account when creating a balance between being remote and on-premise work:

Selecting the right collaboration system

This tool will let you collaborate "across distributed teams, locations, and organizations to support a hybrid model of on-site and remote work". It enables your workforce to connect from anywhere, and Cisco Collaboration System is one of the best options in the industry. 

Cisco Webex Teams security comes first; it works with point-to-point encryption, which means that your sessions are encrypted before leaving your devices and decrypted when they arrive on other devices. In addition, Webex Teams integrates seamlessly with the applications your teams use every day—like Salesforce, Outlook, and Google.

Webex is one of the most powerful tools to start redesigning your business model, allowing your company to pilot the application for 90+ days. If you are up to trying it, feel free to contact us, and we will help you all the way.

Incorporating devices to guarantee workspace you can trust

Nowadays, sensors and video cameras help you comply with health and safety policies by identifying people proximity, employees counting, and sending notifications to ensure worker safety and wellness. But, shortly, those devices will be able to identify if a workspace is over or underused.

Final Thoughts:

Although technological implementations are vital to redesign a hybrid work model, it is also important to regularly train employees to adapt properly and enhance the functionalities of the devices and different technologies. Companies should establish a workspace everyone trust "by bringing together networking, security, and collaboration to enhance health and well-being, safety, and efficiencies".

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