ollaboration tools are getting more essential than ever, and it’s not anymore, a simple productivity tool, but it’s the connective tissue inside an organization. And it’s even more relevant when we talk about hybrid schedule work between home and office. It’s not anymore about just meetings, we need to consider that our employees continue to work effectively anywhere, anytime, and that can be achieved by choosing a collaboration tool that empowers work from anywhere, on any device, and anytime. ” This means that equipping our people with the right tools and creating intelligent workspaces with devices designed for such a purpose is critical to sustainable remote work, hybrid work, and a safe return to office” (Cisco, 2021). This article will present some of the new features that will make your life easier. The tool we picked to write about is the BEST collaboration solution available (Cisco Webex), according to Gartner’s quadrant.

Cisco has been integrating many features with its collaboration tool (Webex) to provide a better user experience when using these tools. One excellent new tool is the integration with OneDrive and SharePoint. Now, users can share access to OneDrive and SharePoint files with everyone in the space. There is no need to add access to users separately. If you need any help from an expert in terms of collaborations, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you with all your collaboration needs.

    SharePoint/OneDrive Integration

Customizable Layouts

Another crucial feature to create a more engaging meeting experience is that Webex has a customization feature to customize layout meetings and only see what you really need during the meeting. “With Webex custom layouts, we’re putting the power in your hands to create a more engaging meeting experience. For meeting organizers, easy drag-and-drop functionality allows you to pick the best layout for your meeting content and highlight the most important panelists, and then broadcast that to everyone” (Cisco, 2021).

Call to Meet in a Single Click

Many of us start a meeting with just a call, but then we realize that we need more additional resources that require face-to-face interaction. And here where is comes the capabilities of Webex, where you can escalate a call into a collaborative meeting experience, real-time translations and transcriptions, gesture recognition, and support from Webex Assistant. With just a single click, you can do the transition and even bring new participants to the meeting without losing any moment of the discussion.

Webex is supported in Linux.

“Core Webex capabilities are supported on Linux, helping users to seamlessly collaborate, quickly connect with co-workers, read and post messages, join meetings, and more. Webex app for Linux is just one more way we’re delivering options and solutions to fit your work style” (Cisco, 2021).

Final thoughts

One of the best and complete collaboration tools in the industry is Cisco Webex, enabling people to have a complete experience from start to end. In addition, they’re constantly improving and creating new integrations to enhance the user experiences, making their lives easier and quickly provide what they need. Whenever you choose a collaboration tool for your company, please make sure it meets all your needs. Contact us if you would like to start with Cisco Webex as part of your company collaboration/productivity area.



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