he updates of Apple’s new operating systems make it easier and faster to access the apps you use every day, create and share great content and personalize your experience in a secure way. Microsoft is constantly developing solutions across the ecosystem of devices as Microsoft customers continue to adopt Apple products for their personal productivity and business needs in the modern workplace and at home.

With the new iOS 14, you can set your preferred apps as default apps with Apple App Library, which automatically organizes your apps. When you update your iOS device with the new Apple operating system and the new version of Microsoft Outlook and Edge, once available in the Apple Appstore, you will be able to choose Outlook and Edge as default apps. This way, you can personalize your experience to stay connected and organized in one app for your email and calendar, and when opening links to the web, you can get the privacy and productivity you expect from Microsoft while you browse.  

If your iPhone is in your pocket and your iPad is on your desk, you can still stay on top of what’s important to you at a glance on your Apple Watch. watch OS 7 enables Outlook to introduce new complication improvements for email and calendar.

Compose and share your creations

With iPad OS 14, Apple Pencil and, Outlook, users will be able to write their emails and their handwritten message will be converted to text automatically with Scribble. You can add hand-drawn illustrations or diagrams to your emails for added color and context. Outlook also supports rich formatting on iPad so once your handwriting is converted to text, you can add additional structure and dimension to your email communications. With Outlook, the iPad is ideal for content creation and sharing. Using Apple’s new operating systems, now you can open two apps at the same time using the Multitasking feature. This means that you can open Outlook and Edge to copy and drag text and links to your email, helping you create and send compelling and informative emails. Microsoft is pleased to now introduce the ability to drag and drop files and photos into Outlook.  

What can users expect?

This fall, users will be able to download Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files on their iPhone or iPad so that when they’re offline, they can open and edit them in Office or the relevant iPad app.  Also, new capabilities are coming to Big Sur and OneDrive on macOS. Soon OneDrive will support automatic renaming files and folders that may contain invalid characters or errors.

Microsoft is ready to update all experiences to help users drive their productivity once the new systems from Apple start to roll out. Microsoft is committed to helping users to organize their day whether is for business or personal use.

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