he COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to think of a new kind of future by experimenting with new ways of doing business and the fact that people are staying more at home has made technology even more valuable than ever.

Based on that, we analyzed the trends that will stand out in 2021, and here you will find some strategies you can use based on IT trends. The strategies that we will expose here are not independent of each other, instead, they can be used together to create synergy to reinforce each other.

Include “Total Experience” on your daily business:  

One of the trends that will stand out this year is “people centricity”, and that means “people are still at the center of all business — and they need digitalized processes to function in today’s environment” (Garnet, 2020). One great opportunity for organizations would be including “Total Experience” in their daily business, which means businesses need to combine traditional disciplines like multi-experience (MX), customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and user experience (UX) and bring them together to create a better experience for all parties involved.

This can be translated into a win-win relationship where all parties would experience a positive outcome so every party involved would offer their best to achieve a mutual gain and technology can help with that. With the current era of digitization, organizations have to be able to make all the information available when a customer, or a user, or an employee needs it and that implies data security. And here is where comes the second strategy.

Prediction about employee retention

• Use Privacy-enhancing computation and cybersecurity to keep safe your information:

As organizations are accelerating the process to move to digital business, security is key in the accelerated change. To protect data, companies should include privacy-enhancing computation in their business which uses “technologies to protect data while it’s being used to enable secure data processing and data analytics” (Garnet, 2020).  

This type of technology provides you a trusted environment where sensitive data can be processed or analyzed by also including homomorphic encryption, secure multiparty computation, and zero-knowledge proofs. “This enables organizations to safely share data in untrusted environments, an increasingly in-demand desire as the amount of data grows alongside the need to protect that data” (Garnet, 2020).

If you need any advice in terms of security, don’t hesitate to contact us for helping you. Remember that we are a selected Cisco partner, and we offer the best in security in the industry.  

Infographic of the cybersecurity benefits

• AI Technology for customer service:

Despite AI arose years ago, this trend is still growing, and it has many functionalities, from its presence in houses, on phones, in hospitals to innovative technologies like face recognition, data processing, etc. In 2017, Garnet’s report said that 25% of customer services operations will use virtual customers assistant or chatbot technologies in 2020 and this represents a huge growth from the 2% of 2017.  

Thereby, AI is a great strategy for organizations is to include new ways of using the latest technologies to increase customer satisfaction across different channels because reports have been found that using virtual customer assistants reduces enquires and increases customer satisfaction.  “This means that an automated computer system will likely start to resolve your inquiries instead of a human being” (Techvera, 2020). And increased customer service is not the only benefit of using AI, it has many other benefits as fast and accurate data processing, efficiency, lower costs, etc.

AI Insights' Infographic

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the trends that will stand out this year, however, companies should be aware of other important trends such as “Blockchain Technology”, 5G Network”, “Virtual Reality” and more. Some of the strategies are just beginning to be used but, you will be using these technologies as part of your life shortly and the companies who do it right, will stand out in the market and will have an advantage over their competitors.




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