ith the new era of IoT (Internet of Things), the consumer-grade Wi-Fi routers are simply no longer capable of meeting the needs of small and medium businesses (SMBs). Nowadays, users are demanding fast, reliable, always-on connectivity for dozens or hundreds of connected devices. However, not everyone has the budget, time, and in-house resources to install and manage complex Wi-Fi deployments.

That’s why Ruckus Unleashed is making Wi-Fi easy for SMBs. Their controller-less, high-performance, and affordable portfolio of access points (APs) can be up and running in five minutes or less. In addition, Unleashed enables anyone to manage their network from an intuitive Unleashed mobile app or website browser.


Ruckus Unleashed Access Points (APs)

With the advanced Ruckus technologies, Unleashed Access Points deliver higher speeds, optimized coverage, and more reliable connections for SMBs. Ruckus made it easy for anyone to manage all enterprise-class features. Examples include BeamFlex+, which helps APs provide optimal performance for every device – every time – by adaptively re-configuring antenna patterns.

Ruckus Unleashed access points are designed for small and mid-size businesses and are also the perfect choice for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) like large homes, small apartments, and housing structures that require uninterrupted, pervasive coverage. In addition, Ruckus Unleashed access points support single or multiple location installation options, with up to 25 APs and/or 512 concurrently connected clients per deployment.


The Ruckus Unleashed Mobile App


A Ruckus Unleashed network can be installed in under five minutes by simply configuring a single Ruckus master access point. The master AP settings are automatically replicated and subsequently pushed to all network APs via our Unleashed Zero-Touch Mesh feature. Ruckus Unleashed mobile app for iOS and Android installation, configuration, and basic network management is easy for everyone even non-technical users.

In addition, SMBs can use the Ruckus Unleashed mobile app to monitor and manage their networks from anywhere in the world. The mobile app was built to be an intuitive user interface (UI), and it enables SMBs to see how many clients and APs are connected, monitor ongoing network traffic, observe which applications are using the most data on the network, view important alerts at a glance and create rules to deny access to any website.


Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager

The Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager (UMM) – which supports up to 1,000 Unleashed networks or 10,000 APs – offers SMBs more advanced options for managing multiple Unleashed networks deployed across various geographic locations. Designed to be intuitive and make customizable dashboards, the Ruckus Unleashed Multi-Site Manager displays near real-time insights about connected access points (APs) and clients, along with map views of networks and recent activity. The Multi-Site Manager enables to customize reports and alerts, as well as build database backup files with relevant site configuration data, replicate the network at a different site with the ‘cookie-cutter’ backup file and quickly restore a site in case of disruption.

  • https://www.ruckussecurity.com/Unleashing-Wi-Fi-for-SMBs.asp

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