n 2020, the National Security Agency (NSA) published its guidelines for selecting a collaboration services provider based on their cybersecurity functionality and characteristics. They chose 12 criteria to assess the security of 17 collaboration services providers, including Cisco Webex. The main goal of the assessment was to give government and organizations relevant information to make informed decisions related to selecting a collaboration services provider that meets their individual needs.

For gathering the information, they looked for published attributes of the products. “NSA analysts gathered factual material from published company literature and product specifications, supplemented by other openly published analyses and basic hands-on technical observation” (NSA, 2020).


Criteria for a Safe, Secure, and Compliant Collaboration Ecosystem by NSA.

Banner about criteria to choose a safe and secure collaboration software.

These guidelines issued by the NSA are helpful for every user or company to select carefully a collaboration service that best suits their needs. The idea is that every user reduces exposure to risk when they’re using these services during their workday. For companies, it is essential to consider security across the entire collaboration ecosystem. “Today, IT Admins need to worry about data protection and compliance while expanding the technology footprint by including off-premises and personal devices” (Cisco, 2021).


Results based on the criteria:

NSA table of assessments against criteria

“Webex employs multiple technologies, procedures, and teams to ensure the collaboration platform meets privacy and security requirements and gives customers a choice of region to store their user content” (Cisco 2021). As a Cisco Selected Partner, we know that Webex takes a 360-degree, holistic approach to secure the users wherever they are. If you need any help related to collaboration services, please contact us to find the best collaboration services in the industry.

Final thoughts

There are multiple benefits of using collaboration software as time-saving, work remotely, better productivity, and many more. Whatever collaboration services provider you choose, keep in mind which one best suits your needs and costs; each company has different requires and it is critical to assess for what the need the service. It could be file sharing, task management, or tracking tools. Besides that, always go for flexible collaboration software and can be integrated with other systems.

Remember to ensure it protects all your content, devices, and users to ensure all data is secure and safe.


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