he first email was sent in 1971 by a company engineer by the name of Ray Tomlison. Ray developed a new system of sending messages between computers, know now as electronic mail (email or email). That method of sending and receiving messages between people using electronic devices pre-dates the invention of the internet. That was a long time ago. In recent years social media has become famous communication between people worldwide, but email has been doing it for decades. Here is a fact, do you know the average of emails sent in 2020? Think about it, it is something enormous. The answer is 306.4 billion, and the number is expected to reach 347.3 billion in 2023.

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to do digital marketing, as video marketing on YouTube, media marketing, paid ads, and email Marketing.

Video Marketing on YouTube.

YouTube is the world's 2nd biggest search engine, and it's a perfect place where people can search for solutions to their problems, having fun in their spread time, or creating content for their business. Think of when you don't know about something, or when you want a product review as a second opinion. Where you usually go is YouTube. It presents a huge potential of reach for your business.‍ Now, think like a retailer; if you create a video about the product you sell, teach how to use it, and mention why you should buy it instead of any other product. Sounds like a good opportunity, and that's how many vloggers and companies are doing their marketing strategy.

Example of Video Marketing on Youtube

Social media Marketing

Most businesses ' social media marketing strategy can be summed up on this: ‍ "Keep posting, no matter what you post, and do it on as many platforms that you can."

If you're doing it, then stop now. It's better to focus on one social network and put all your effort into that, unless for a while until you build a good community. It is not about followers and numbers; it is about how active and engaged they are. When deciding which social media to use, not necessarily has to be the one with the most users have. It's about finding the network where your target audience hangs out. For instance, for professionals propose LinkedIn and Twitter are the most used. In any case of the platform you choose, you need to understand why your audience is there and how you can serve them with the proper intention to give value. If you need any expert help you can contact us and we will help you will all your social media needs.

Audience from Instagram
Audience from Instagram

Paid ads

Most small businesses don't consider paid ads because they aren't "free" but remember, nothing is truly free; everything takes time, so you know, time is money. What you want to avoid is throwing money into a network paid method just because somebody said it was excellent and quick. Remember, what works for one person may not work for another.  

These are some of the best-paid advertising platforms in actuality: Google ads, Facebook ads – Instagram, ads Bing, ads Twitter, ads LinkedIn, ads Pinterest.  

Email Marketing

Currently, all the focus is on social media. It seems that email marketing is almost an afterthought for many companies. Email might not be trendy, but there are many positive facts about it, like; is cheap, easy to measure, and simple to target. It's a pretty good place to do testing; it keeps your brand visible and is one of the most effective ways to get results. You must remain about Email Marketing is that you should be careful not SPAM prospects.

The significant part about Email Marketing is that it allows quick and easy contact with the customer or lead. For example, suppose your business decides to run a flash sale later this week. In that case, there are few opportunities to run and impact a big part of your community in such a short time promotion period, with another strategy. In addition, emails can offer several benefits to businesses, such as opportunities to inform customers of store openings/closing, special events, new products, etc. The ability to contact customers quickly and easily through email is a huge advantage for any business. If you need any help on email marketing, contact us and we'll help you in all your marketing needs.

Email Marketing Statistics Banner

Final Thoughts

Social media, print, television, internet ads can be great for communicating information, but they are often limited to how in-depth that information can be. On the other hand, emails provide the chance to tell a history that catches up with your lead's interest and goes deep in that seller-customer relationship that turn-on the conversion. Connect with people is the more effective way to achieve what you want and when you create that genuine interest to help your community, you are building a loyal community.

Some companies may brush off Email Marketing because of its lack of immediate large-scale reach and how long it can take to build up to reach. However, what they forget is that emails target your core audience. These are the people who have already engaged with your business by signing up for your email list, meaning that they are most likely to engage again. That is perhaps the critical element that makes email marketing stand out from other forms of digital advertising.

Email Marketing allows you to build relationships with leads, customers, and past customers, you can sell more than once, and if you truly set up a win-win relationship, you're going to rocket up it. if you want to have a winning digital marketing strategy, YOU SHOULDN'T FORGET ABOUT EMAIL MARKETING.


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